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Our platform underpins a variety of products, for B2B, B2C and B2B2C audiences. Our BeYou platform has the capability of being packaged into formats, depending on the goal of the solution.

BeYou App

Creating healthy habits through fitness, gamification, and personalised nutrition!
We offer a solution in the form of personalised meal plans, custom workout routines, emotional support from trained coaches, and rewards that incentivise consistency.
Get in Motion.
Personalised plans and tasty recipes for your daily meals - based on your personal preferences and specific needs.
Get Inspired.
Fitness programs with workout videos tailored to your specific goals.
Get Rewarded.
Complete your daily step goal to redeem exclusive rewards.
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Available: Worldwide


Move, Get Fit, Earn
FITCASH is an engaging, fun and rewarding way to lose weight or increase physical activity!
It's an innovative social fitness application which uses gamification and real money to motivate users to reach their health goal.
Players work towards the same goal, putting a wager toward it, an incentive for them to achieve the goal they have chosen.
Get Rewarded.
Players complete their goal to redeem part of the cashbox; a sum of the total wagers from all of the players.
Get Supported
Every challenge accessed unlocks supporting content from coaches, dieticians and fitness workouts
Share your challenge today!
Available: Worldwide

Golden Steps

Stay physically active and earn rewards!
Golden Steps is a social fitness & wellness initiative aimed at combating obesity by motivating people to move daily through gamification.
Golden Steps uses your mobile phone's motion sensors to monitor your physical activity and to count your steps.
Collect Points.
Win one Golden Point for every 50 calories that you burn. Get unlimited Golden Points simply by moving!
Be rewarded.
Unlock rewards using your accumulated points!
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Available: France, Senegal, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, United Arab Emirates and Iran


The marketplace for health professionals
An online marketplace allowing users to select their wellness coach according to their needs. Users inform the coaches of their daily choices in nutrition, physical activity, weight, mood and sleep behaviour, allowing coaches to successfully establish meal plans, physical training and other relevant advice to promote and support the users.
Create and manage your client’s appointments in one place
Real-time follow-up of your clients
Connect with your existing and future clients
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Available: Spain & UK

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